Charm. Charm in which charm and money to bring up charm and love that calls love (both trowing and reunion) and luck gather and charm etc. of marriage. The miscellaneous goods mail order is becoming happy full of information wonderfully of Sets and Mujirushi-Ryohin, etc. with a necessary charm for you. do rarity Toyo in there is not wrongNow let's expand the note. Happiness is in the place where the hand reaches soon. There is a name onomancy, too. Fortune & compatibility fortune-telling by four Hashiraomei also. It looks for.

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|Protection itemb
Welcome. Wizard's apprentice and and. Here, the charm that I know is quietly taught you. There is an important promise to make the charm succeed. Can you defend?It is not an effect if it doesn't defend. (*^^)v

1.The item used for the charm prepares the new article. Let's have made for the charm what it whether is a pen, paper, and. When it is wearing out and a make do with, extra attention obstructs it.
2.It notes it at time and time.
It by there is timing also in what. Keep to time and the time written by the charm.
3.Let's believe me.
Let's believe that the wish can be achieved in me. Do I sleep unbelievably after the prayer?
Nogood uselessness. Let's earnestly wish the desire.
The charm is wisdom of the human race who was born as power and the energy of nature are paid attention.
Can it be convinced that your charm happily connects a person all the people who is related to you and you?The highest power will stay in you, and the wish be achieved if it is hesitatingly answered, "It is".
A lot of happiness must pour down over you.

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